Pinterest has recently unveiled its latest "Pinterest Palette" color trends for 2024. According to Pinterest's House of Creative internal creative team they analyzed trends around search terms specifically related to color, such as "blue jellyfish," "blue chrome nails," and "aqua makeup looks." Subsequently, the team identified the most persistent hues from the trending keywords and "performed a deep dive into the cultural zeitgeist of fashion, interior design, graphic design, and the culture at large to compare Pinterest's data to the macro industry color trends."
Based on extensive research and analysis, Pinterest has identified five essential color palettes that are likely to dominate the trends throughout 2024. The primary colors include Gummy Pink, Desert Orange, Aqua Blue, Moss Green, and Mocha Brown. 
For each color, Pinterest has provided an overview chart based on its use across Pins, including crucial product examples and search terms. The guide aims to help marketers better understand these trends, which could inform their creative approach throughout the year. 
By incorporating these colors into their branding and marketing strategies, creative designers can stay ahead of the competition and appeal to audiences meaningfully. This comprehensive guide can be downloaded as a PDF, and it serves as an exciting opportunity for creatives to enhance their content appeal and keep up with the latest trends.
Aqua Blue is one of 2024’s colors. This year’s aquatic-inspired hue draws inspiration from trends like "Be Jelly," "Blue Beauty," and "Hot Metals."
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